Active - Handmade book

Active - Handmade book


Handmade coptic stitch (edition of 50)

Printed on 130g recycled paper / front & back cover 350g grey board

Bound with french linen thread

72 page full color

Due to the time involved with making this, please allow up to 1 month for delivery.

DISCLAIMER - Each one will be loving handmade to the best of my abilities, this could mean slight differences between each book, but thats all part of the charm :)

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Japan’s got a lot of active volcanoes.

The internet tells me there are about 110 of them, making it one of the worlds most populated volcanic islands. Despite the obvious risk, hordes of day hikers continue to visit them, where the lure of the epic and unusual overrides their safety instinct and draws them in with at least one flask of tea and a sandwich. An example of human nature at is finest.

The photos you see here are of Mt Adatara, located about 15km south of Fukushima city. Part of the Adatarayama stratovolcano group, that stretches 9km east to west and 14km north to south. Formed some 450,000 to 550,000 years ago.